secure video broadcasting and management platform for national network operators and integrators

Mobile live media sharing for professionals

NSC3™ is a NSION Ltd developed scalable PaaS solution, tailored for network operators, fully abiding the security and performance requirements of national emergency services. For operators NSC3 is a solid, distribute-ready service on one day deployment. For end-user it is the utility, when less than a second is a lifetime.

Stream / data Management
Streaming and storing video efficiently from various platforms ranging from power savvy embedded systems to smartphones right off the shelf — to the entire team or peer to peer.

Display live video and audio from team users and control. Can display incoming streams from other team members, UAV feeds and C2 users.

Mobile unit transmits surrounding audio with or without video and secure talk between team. Audio can be generated by user alarms or remote command.

Video & clip handling
Mobile user is able to use device camera storage for high quality still image and video clip distribution to other users and C2.

Geolocation & tracking
Secure geospatial service with live location tracking, annotation and geotagging.

Organization & mission control
Control over all application traffic. The application reacts to internal commands and utilizes dynamic network control.

Event & instant messages
Messaging between devices using unique secure protocol.

Object classification & identification
Toolset for unmanned surveillance and automated data gathering.

Secure group duplex voice channel.

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System Overview

Command, control & collect system core for private and cloud hosting

  • PaaS with 3GPP compliancy
  • Scalable system and perpetual license model for network operators


NSC MOBILE » Download product sheet
Mobile solution for personal level operational broadcasting

  • Group & user broadcast, Push To Talk, Messages
  • Support for peripheral video / camera
  • Support for Augmented Reality integration

NSC WEBAPP » Download product sheet
WebApp solution for mission control and operational command

  • Device video, audio & location
  • Remote command
  • Voice channel for users
  • Instant or frame by frame replay
  • Groups / device administration
  • Video storage management
  • Object detection / classification analysis

NSC DRONE » Download product sheet
Mission control for remote controlled unit operations

  • RC unit video, audio & location
  • Flight radar enables drone activity and flight plans / paths
  • Users, groups and drone view management

NSC IOT » Download product sheet
Connects IoT devices to NSC3 for broadcasting

  • IoT-core with minimal hardware requirements for basic functionality for variety of devices.

NSC3™ and joint operations

In a case of an emergency, it’s crucial that the most efficient steps are taken to resolve it. Situations may develop rapidly in unexpected ways, creating new threats and risk factors.

Crises hardly respect any jurisdiction, so dedicated response teams and ad-hoc groups have to be organized. For that, NSC3 offers a unique platform as participants are able to connect to mission control in their own respective control room environment.

NSC3 has been designed to help attaining optimal operational efficiency by usability, realiability and adaptability to any circumstances or operational requirements. It provides a vital tool for joint organization mission control to achieve the situational awareness needed.

Joint organization operations combine the expertise, experience and tools of different participants for a more efficient outcome as a combined effort.

NSC3 has been developed for that purpose – to help achieve the best level of cooperation.

Use Cases

Case: Fire & Rescue

On the scene of accident, a comprehensive understanding of the most efficient counter-measures is required.

For example, drone applications for fire and rescue missions are many: scouting for wildfires on impassable terrain, searching for missing persons with infra-red camera or delivering sensor data from polluted area after a chemical spill.

Case: Safety & Security

For security and safety, the prevention of a hazardous situation is as important as dealing with one.

Being either public demonstration, manhunt, siege or general reconnaissance and surveillance ops, it’s imperative for the police and security officers to be able to assess the situation and adjust the following course of action, as well as the use of force, accordingly.

Case: Joint Operations

NSC3 has been designed for joint operation mission control to provide the situational awareness required.

A drone in conjunction with multiple personal level mobile video sources and IoT vehicle cameras provide a unparallelled capacity for situational awareness. With the expertise and experience of the officers on duty, this ability can be put to use. Save time, save lives.

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16th Apr 2020
NSION and HENNSOL Technologies are incredibly proud to be helping the fight against COVID-19
Our free COVID-19 offering and revolutionary technology allow paramedics to communicate in real-time about the condition of arriving patients with emergency room doctors and specialists. To learn more, please read our press release

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27th Feb 2019
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7th Feb 2018
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NSION is a major technology innovator in the growing sector of government related high security video and data management market. One of the biggest challenges is to optimize data security and speed in video data transferring in complex life critical field operations.
NSION solves the problems with a unique high throughput platform, which enables integration of command and control systems to multiple different video production technologies.

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